ENS Names
How to Sell

1. Read through this page and the FAQ to avoid some potential pitfalls.

2. Add the ENS Registrar and the ENS Seller Factory to your watched contracts.

3. From the address that owns the name, call the ENS Seller Factory's "createSellENS" function on the name string and the price in Wei. For example, createSellENS("rumours", 1000000000000000000) creates a sell contract for rumours.eth at a price of 1 ETH.

4. Find the name you want to sell's LabelHash using Etherscan.

5. Call the ENS Registrar's "transfer" function on the LabelHash and the ENS Seller Factory's address (0x34abCC1FDedb49c953445c11A71E428d719ba8D9) to transfer ownership to the ENS Seller Factory.

6. Wait a few minutes for the transactions to complete and the listings to update before refreshing to verify that your name is listed.